TURNTABLE has four sides appearing different but appears as one coherent piece of furniture. This is due to the one material, the strickt use of bending and cutting radiuses. It has an ever changing appearance from all angles and hights, for a sculptoral presence. The sidetable is highly funcional as a magazine rack with three shelves.

H=480 B=340 L=340
A one - material sidetable in aluminium.

Broken Twill

Backwall shelf For JohnnyLove brandstore. The shelf is designed to drag attention, and customers to the back of the shop.

Materials: Pine plywood, 2400x400x2400
Design & Making: Nils Stensrud + John Erling Vinnem


Cycle is a light chaise so well tuned that it is swinging when lying in it. It has become a favourite as a place for thinking. The base angle is three degrees backwards, and the backthigh has 120 degrees angle. Cycle is a simple chaise with comfort in its simlicity.

I made the chair five years ago, and it has been in daily use. I wanted to see how minimal a comfortable chair could be.

Materials: Plywood, felt, 12 screws/ screw inserts


This is a very simple bedside table.

340x340x500, 12mm massive ash, surface: Osmo hardwax.

Dogme lounge table

Dogme was created with strict rules. The aim was to get 100% out of a sheet of corian, and to minimize the production time. The goal was to get 3 tables out of a full size sheet. Cut, thermoformed and bent into shape. One glued joint under the head.

With Industrial Designer Ole P. Wullum
Material Corian
H=400, W=600, L=750

Nils Stensrud graduated as Architect from The Oslo School of Architecture in 1999. For years he has been working in different architect offices and teaching at University. He now focuses on his own work in small scale architecture and furniture.

The approach to design is experimental and based on curiosity and joy. Hands on, not linear experimentation with materials, construction, form and function is the method. The aim is to create the rational, useful and new product, within the tradition.